Increasing the security and trust to the institutions through cooperation between the citizens, the local self-government and the Ministry of Interior

The Educational adviser Ramisa Sakip from the Municipality of Shuto Orizari in cooperation with the NGO ,, SOS Detsko Selo” (SOS Children’s Village) in Shuto Orizari,  in order to strengthen the trust of the Roma in the institutions through cooperation between the citizens, the local self-government and the Ministry of the Interior has organised a second meeting with the local citizens in Suto Orizari.

These meeting are organised because a month ago the Roma in  Shuto Orizari attacked few Police officers with the explanation that ,, they were kidnaping Roma kids for organs trafficking”.

Ljupco Velkovski from the Chair Police Station, who also attended this meeting, emphasized that as early as January the information about Roma kids kidnapping  in Shuto Orizari has been expanded, but for now there is no any reported case to the police.

Lj. Velkovski has sent a message that by not reporting the problems to the police,  all citizens will lose and therefore every problem should be brought before the competent ones, on the contrary there is no turning back, after entering into circles of criminogenic actions.

Namely, children who are now in puberty can easily end up using drugs, stealing and other bad habits. Therefore, prevention and early detection are of the highest importance.

The Educational adviser Ramisa Sakip pointed out that the state, the municipality and the schools have mechanisms to protect the population. The Municipality of Shuto Orizari already covers security in the schools based on the territory of the local self-government, and now they will be uniformed for easier recognition by the side of the parents and students.

R. Sakip held several meetings with school teachers in Shuto Orizari to offer open cooperation on behalf of the municipality. She sent a message to return all children back to the schools, without fear and to encourage Roma to report any suspicious attempts to their safety.

There is no need for interethnic conflicts, or any kind of violence. The municipality is open to all citizens, for organizing meetings between the directors, children and parents in order to prevent all delinquent appearances.

During the discussion, the citizens asked questions related to the opening of the new police department, kids protection and potential ethnic conflicts.

They expressed their satisfaction with the engagement of the municipality to open a new local police department.