Meeting to strengthen the trust in the institutions through cooperation among Roma in Shuto Orizari, the local self-government and the Ministry of Interior

The education counsellor of the municipality Shuto Orizari Ramiza Sakip and Ljupco Velkovski from the police station Chair, in cooperation with the NGO Ambrela, held a meeting with the citizens from the Reception Center in Shuto Orizari regarding the kidnapping attempt and the event on January 28th.

The purpose of these meetings is to break the fear and embarrassment of reporting a possible kidnaping attempt, to restore the confidence of citizens in the institutions and to increase the awareness about the problems that the population faces.

Roma who are accommodated in the Reception Center in Shuto Orizari, during a discussion with the representative of the Ministry of Interior, NGO Ambrela and Education Adviser Ramisa Sakip, pointed out that their children have been living on the street for more than 30 years, their children at school face daily insults and humiliations due to the low socio-economic status.

These parents can not provide elementary care for their own children like: sneakers, jeans and socks to go to school.

The fear of kidnapping still exists, although they have not yet confirmed specific information about a missing child.
These children have free transport provided by the municipality to the school, and from school to the Reception Center, but they often go out during school lessons and are prone to run away from home most likely because of the hope that they will find the solution to their conflicts.

Parents requested support in the process of upbringing by a psychologist, teacher, teacher and social worker.

Ljatifa Shikovska from the NGO Ambrela mentioned that they have support from a psychologist, but at the same time it is necessary to strengthen the responsibility for raising their own children.

Educational Advisor Ramisa Sakip highlighted that there is no need for fear of kids kidnaping, because they are protected by the state, she expressed her wide openness to exchange all information in case of any problem that is tied with an attempt to kidnap and school teaching.

Regarding the health status, as a result of the work of non-governmental organizations and health mediators, about 90% of Roma children are regularly vaccinated in the Municipality of Shuto Orizari.

Ljupco Velkovski from the Police Station emphasised that no cases of missing a single child have been reported so far, not a single parent has reported a stolen child in the police, unfortunately, unsecured information is placed on social networks and he sent an appeal not to panic among the population and to report any attempt for abduction for the competent institutions to take measures.

The accommodation of Roma in the Reception Center in Shuto Orizari is determined by agreement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

NGO Ambrela is in continuous communication with these residents and provides donations for food and clothing.