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Project for interethnic integration: First workshop on topic – Personal hygiene with second class students

Previous week on May 8th, 2019 (Wednesday), within the framework of the project for intercultural integration, the first workshop for personal hygiene with students from the second grade in the two elementary schools in the Municipality of Shuto Orizari was held. The objectives of this project activity are: mutual familiarization, playing and working in a group, learning new words in ...

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Project for interethnic integration in elementary schools in Suto Orizari

The Municipality of Suto Orizari as supporter of the two elementary schools ,,Braka Ramiz-Hamid” and  ,,26th od July” is involved in the implementation of the project for he Interethnic Integration in Education supported by the Program for promoting the multiculturalism, interethnic integration and tolerance at the Ministry of Education and Science (PIOM). The project for interethnic integration in education is ...

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Workshop on topic : ,, My Hygiene – My Responsibility” was held in both elementary schools in Suto Orizari

Within the project for inter-ethnic integration in education in the two elementary schools in the Municipality of Suto Orizari, was conducted a workshop ,, My Hygiene – My Responsibility”. The goals of this project activity are to develop awareness of the need to maintain personal hygiene, to encourage regular practice of hygienic habits, to gain knowledge for proper maintenance of ...

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