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Competences of the mayor

Based on Article 50 of the Law on Local Self-Government,
the mayor has the following responsibilities:

(1) The Mayor:
1. It represents and represents the municipality;
2. Control the legality of the regulations of the council;
3. Publishes the regulations of the council in the official newspaper of the municipality;
4. Ensures the execution of the council’s decisions;
5. Ensure the performance of the works delegated to the municipality by law;
6. Initiates and proposes the adoption of regulations within the competence of the council;
7. Proposes the annual budget and the annual account of the municipal budget;
8. Executes the budget of the municipality;
9. Elects public service directors established by the municipality on the basis of public competition;
10. regularly inform the council about the performance of its competencies in accordance with the statute;
11. Decides in administrative matters for rights, obligations and interests of legal entities and natural persons, in accordance with law;
12. Adopt a Rulebook on the systematisation of the posts of the municipal administration;
13. Manages the municipal administration;
14. Decides on the employment, rights, duties and responsibilities of the employees in the municipal administration, unless otherwise stipulated by law.
15. Ensures proper and lawful use, maintenance and protection of the ownership of the municipality, in accordance with the law and the statute; and
16. Perform other activities determined by law and by statute.
(2) The mayor may authorize a managerial officer of the municipality to lead the procedure and decide in administrative matters, as well as to sign acts.