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Cultural values

Cultural values ​​are important for the personal dignity of each person, for the survival of trust among people and they are maintained over a long period of time. The municipality of Shuto Orizari is considered a place where you can see the Roma identity practiced through Roma culture and tradition. Roma in Suto Orizari speak Romani language, they are not assimilated and they learn it as a teaching subject. The Municipality of Suto Orizari has its own symbols: the coat of arms and the flag in the colors of the Roma flag.

European values

Municipality Shuto Orizari works to bring European values ​​closer to citizens, especially to young people.
The Municipality of Shuto Orizari is committed to preserving the green areas, reducing waste, clean environment, clean drinking water, providing dignified living conditions, quality education and upbringing through the construction of kindergartens and reconstruction of schools.

Values ​​of tolerance

In Shuto Orizari, besides the dominant inhabitants of the Roma ethnic community, there are also members of other ethnicities. That is why the Municipality of Shuto Orizari cherishes values ​​of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding in a whole life in a harmonious society.

Values ​​of democracy

Such a system of values ​​is acceptable, but in no way implies abuse of the rights and freedoms of others.