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The Municipality of Suto Orizari, in order to preserve and promote the environment, has adopted the following:
submitted by the Department for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection upon proposal of the Mayor                                                           of the Municipality of Shuto Orizari, Skopje
I. Introduction
Within the Sector for urbanism, communal activities, environmental protection, and local economic development, the Unit for communal affairs and environmental protection works, which prepares and implements the Program for protection of the environment and nature.
The Unit implements the measures and activities envisaged by thematic areas in order to provide comprehensive protection of the environment in the Municipality and better living conditions for the citizens. For realization of the activities and projects, the Unit cooperates with citizens’ associations, the City of Skopje, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other existing institutions and foundations.

II. Program objectives
With the program for protection of the environment and nature, the Municipality enables implementation of the environmental policy in accordance with the European standards and advocates for:
– Respecting the laws and regulations related to environmental protection, saving natural resources, reducing and selecting waste, improving air quality, quality control and water saving for drinking, controlling and purifying waste industrial and faecal waters and the protection of biodiversity.
– Access to information on environmental protection, as well as citizen participation in the decision-making process on issues in the field of environmental protection,
– Exchange of information with different stakeholders and inclusion in projects and activities for environmental protection.
– Youth education on topics in the area of ​​environmental protection and sustainable development.

III. Program activities
1. Cadastre of pollutants
In order to record all economic entities by activity and their impact on the environment, the Municipality plans to develop a Cadastre of Polluters. This document will provide an image of the number and type of activity, the impacts of the activity on the environment, in order to anticipate measures to reduce pollution.
2. Control of environmental studies
Pursuant to Article 24 of the Law on Environment and the Decree on Activities and Activities for which Elaborate is compulsory, and for which approval the Mayor of the Municipality, the Mayor of the City of Skopje and the Mayor of the Municipalities of the City of Skopje, the legal entities listed in Attachment 2 in The decree, submit the Environmental Elaborates in the Municipality of Shuto Orizari for approval. The elaborate gives an image of the existing state of the environment in and around the facility, identifies potential impacts on the media and areas of the environment in the operational phase and proposes measures for their mitigation, reduction and neutralization.
Upon approval, the Authorized Inspector of Environment from the Municipality monitors the implementation of the measures and recommendations set forth in the Environmental Impact Assessment.
For the control of the environmental impacts, economic legal entities and sole proprietors of the Municipality who perform catering activity (cafes, sandwiches and restaurants) as well as service activities (auto repair workshops and car washrooms), warehouses for building materials, waste , as well as certain crafts and production facilities, in accordance with the Decree.
3. Application of the Aarhus Convention-Enabling access to environmental information and participation in the decision-making process on environmental issues
The municipality implements the implementation of the Aarhus Convention at the local level by providing access to environmental information, pollution situations, protection measures and planned land remediation projects. For all issues in the area of ​​environmental protection, the municipality has an obligation to enable citizens to participate in the decision-making process, by realizing citizens’ requests, discussing their proposals and initiatives and including in the annual work program.
Activities in urban and rural communities are planned: public opinion poll with questionnaires on topics in the area of ​​environment protection and communal affairs, organization of forums for discussion and meetings with citizens.
4. Education and education on environment and sustainable development
The department carries out activities with primary schools and kindergartens for celebrating ecological holidays: Days of spring in March, April 22 – Planet Earth Day, June 5 – World Environment Day, organization of afforestation campaigns at different locations, Tree Day plant your future, as well as eco-board activities.
Within the projects with citizens’ associations for environmental protection, a series of educational workshops are planned on various topics: waste management, air and water protection, soil and biodiversity, as well as introducing healthy eating habits and everyday life.
For several years in a row, the Green Pack Education for Sustainable Development program is being implemented in order to raise the awareness of the young people’s environment and nurture skills, values ​​and habits for protecting the environment and social activities – the behavior and action of students and citizens to be put into function of the general context of sustainable development.
5. Implementation of waste management measures and activities
The Unit plans to implement waste selection projects, in cooperation with citizen associations, collective waste handlers, primary schools, etc.
So far, several projects have been implemented for the selection of plastic and paper as well as selection of waste batteries within the partnership projects with citizen associations.The waste management plan includes: organized selection of paper and plastic with collective waste handlers in order to reuse waste, select other fractions, waste batteries, electronic and electric waste, bulky waste, etc.
In order to successfully implement the activities, it is planned to cooperate with PE Communal Hygiene, collective waste handlers (companies with a waste management license), citizen associations and foundations.
6. Cooperation with institutions and organizations
– Regular cooperation with the Sector for Communal Affairs and the Sector for Environment of the City of Skopje, as well as with ZELS and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, for implementation of joint projects and field activities.
– Regular cooperation with PE Komunalna Higiena and PE Parks and Greenery, for realization of ongoing activities for waste collection, trimming and cutting of trees and branches, mowing and repair of hydrant network for watering public green areas.
– Cooperation with PE Water and sewage around installation and reconstruction of watering systems and wells systems in different locations, preparation of documentation, field visits, etc.
– Cooperation with citizen associations is planned for realization of partner projects, international organizations and foundations.
7. Participation in seminars, events and conferences
It is planned to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences on environment and sustainable development in the country and abroad, organized by ZELS, the Ministry of Environment, the Center for Skopje Region, international organizations and foundations, with the aim of education and cooperation on partner projects .