Project for interethnic integration: First workshop on topic – Personal hygiene with second class students

Previous week on May 8th, 2019 (Wednesday), within the framework of the project for intercultural integration, the first workshop for personal hygiene with students from the second grade in the two elementary schools in the Municipality of Shuto Orizari was held.

The objectives of this project activity are: mutual familiarization, playing and working in a group, learning new words in Macedonian – Albanian – Romani language, gaining knowledge about the concept of personal hygiene, independently maintaining a personal hygiene including washing hands, face and teeth , wining knowledge about what the personal hygiene exactly means, understanding the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, i.e. to understand that ,, Cleanness is next to godliness” and the proper use of personal hygiene products.

During this project activity, 50 students, 10 parents and 5 responsible teachers took part in this project. The activities started with a game for acquaintance, a conversation about personal hygiene through a presentation and ended with the activity with the ,,school leaflet”.
All participants worked integrated, balanced and with the same goal: common future with a pleasant atmosphere and cooperation between all participants.

In order to ensure active civic participation of pupils at the school level and at the community level, were directed capacity building activities towards educational institutions and teachers.

The main goal of the project is to unite students from the two primary schools in the Мunicipality of Suto Orizari, who in mixed groups (from any aspect: gender, ethnic, social status etc.) to cooperate and prepare for the workshop activities in order to start the process development of strategies for policies focused on promotion of interethnic integration of students and young people in general at local level.