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Housing in the Republic of Macedonia is regulated by Law *.

The Municipality of Shuto Orizari is working to reduce the gap in the quality of the houses between the Roma and non-Roma communities.

The Municipality of Shuto Orizari works to achieve improved living conditions for Roma families through the development and implementation of integrated urban regeneration programs and the eradication of harmful living conditions.

The Municipality of Shuto Orizari as outcome results states: realized projects for construction of apartments intended for housing of socially vulnerable groups, identified need for renewal of residential language in which Roma from socially vulnerable groups live, realized projects from communal infrastructure in the municipalities in populated areas with predominantly Roma population, improved administrative capacity in the LSGU for preparation of project-technical documentation in the field of communal infrastructure in municipalities with a higher percentage of Roma population, Roma have the knowledge and obligation to get involved in the legalization processes of illegally constructed buildings.







* The Law on Housing, which regulates the types of housing facilities, the management of apartment buildings, the relations between the owners of the special parts and third parties, the owners’ community, the records of the apartments, the lease relations in the housing, the manner of managing and maintaining the facilities, the rights and the obligations of the Republic, municipalities, municipalities in the City of Skopje and the City of Skopje in housing, inspection and administrative supervision and other housing issues.