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Transnational organization of Roma and commemoration of serial attacks on Roma in Suto Orizari

The Mayor Kurto Dudush had a meeting with Mr. Akif Kariman from the Association for Strengthening and Organizing the Roma Community and a member of the transnational team for supporting the organized activities of the Roma in Europe.

The meeting focused on the current political developments in Europe and Macedonia and the position of the Roma in that context. Also, the need for establishing cooperation was discussed in order to implement initiatives and projects for improving the situation of Roma in Suto Orizari.

At the meeting, the idea of ​​transnational organization of Roma was presented, which was greeted with support and interest for participation by Mayor Kurto Dudush.

At the extraordinary session of the Council of the Council, a one minute silence was held in honor of the victims during serial killings and assassinations, Mr. Akif Kariman to present the 10th anniversary of the serial attacks and murders of Roma in Hungary and the letter of the Roma activists from Hungary.

Mr. Kariman expressed his gratitude to the Mayor Kurto Dudush, the President of the Council, Ms. Fatima Osmanovska and the entire Council of Municipality Shuto Orizari for the demonstrated readiness, solidarity and encouragement in the fight for the realization of the rights of the Roma, not only in Shuto Orizari , but also throughout Europe.