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Ecologist International to support education donated 15 tablets in the municipality of Suto Orizari

On April 29, 2020, the municipality of Suto Orizari received a donation of 15 tablet computers from the Ecologist for students who lack digital devices for monitoring distance learning.

The Mayor Kurto Dudush especially thanked the representatives of the company Ecologist for such a donation which is really of great importance for the students from our municipality Suto Orizari.

The project by Ecologist aims to meet the most urgent cases at the state level, which require digital devices for students to attend online classes. During this week, the distribution will continue in all other cities and rural areas, and it will be divided into several phases, starting from Skopje.

Regarding this initiative, philanthropist Lazim Destani said:

“This donation is intended for students who were left out of the educational process due to lack of digital devices. “One of the most important things we can do together during the Covid-19 crisis is to make sure that the future of this country, the children, continues to be taught without hindrance.”