Assistance provided to students from three municipalities in cooperation with RRC, Sonce and REF

Today, assistance was provided to 93 Roma students from second and third grade who are part of the tutoring support program within the project in Suto Orizari. 93 tablets and 10 gigabyte internet vouchers were provided for 93 students who were not able to attend online classes.

In addition, 77 tablets with internet vouchers were also awarded in the municipalities of Gostivar and Tetovo for Roma students included in the first, second and third grade, and are part of the tutoring support program within the project.

With this action, a total of 170 tablets with internet vouchers were awarded.

Additionally, within the project, a total of 420 packages with food and hygiene products were distributed to 210 children involved in preschool education in the municipalities of Suto Orizari, Tetovo and Gostivar.

All assistance is distributed in coordination and with the support of the municipalities, primary schools and kindergartens in the targeted municipalities.

The purpose of this assistance is to help Roma children and students to successfully continue the educational process as well as to reduce the consequences on their education due to the situation with COVID 19.

With the support of the project, the students will continue with online classes during the summer holidays in order to help them make up for the missed classes due to the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as to prepare for the new school year.

This assistance is provided by the project “Increasing the access and participation of Roma students to quality early childhood development and primary education” which is funded by the European Union and the Roma Education Fund in Budapest. The project is implemented by the Roma Resource Center from Skopje in partnership with Sonce from Tetovo, and is managed by the Roma Education Fund.

This project is part of the program “Increased educational opportunities for Roma students and young Roma in the Western Balkans and Turkey (RARE)” which is implemented by the Roma Education Fund in Budapest.

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