President Pendarovski addressed the meeting on the occasion of November 5 – World Romani Day


The President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski marked November 5 – World Romani Day with a meeting where he had the opportunity to hear the experiences, challenges and recommendations addressed by Arabella Iljaz, Senior Associate, Advisor for Romani Language in the Office for Development and Promotion of Community Education, Ramiza Sakip, Councilor for Education in the Municipality of Suto Orizari, teachers from the elementary school “Braka Ramiz i Hamid” and the elementary school “26 July” – Sarita Jasharova, Nezhmie Saitova and Alen Umer, Sanela Emin – professional actress and Biljana Petrevska Ma – representative from Oho Production.

Hence, President Pendarovski stressed the importance of institutional support for the study, use and nurturing of the Romani language, which is also a contribution to strengthening the multiethnic society of Northern Macedonia.

“Your efforts as teachers and professionals who contribute to the affirmation of the Romani language in education are crucial to ensuring fair access to education for all students without exception. “We, the politicians, have an obligation to listen to you and together with you to propose appropriate policies”, said President Pendarovski in his address.

The shared experiences, challenges and recommendations related to the Roma language, history and culture at the meeting were the efforts of teachers and all other stakeholders in the Roma community, the Roma language to be mandatory starting from first grade, Roma culture to be an optional subject for children Roma, as well as support for the restoration of the Roma language department.

Of course, there is also the initiative of the Cabinet of the President, which enabled the provision of digital teaching content for the elective subject “Roma Language and Culture” in the format of “TV classroom”.

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