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Ecological action to clean up the landfill between Suto Orizari and Vizbegovo

The Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Kurto Dudush and the President of the Municipal Council Ms. Fatima Osmanovska, with the citizens from the Municipality of Suto Orizari and the municipality of Butel, conducted an action for cleaning a landfill based in the border line between the municipality of Suto Orizari and the Мunicipality of Butel.

Тhe Mayor Kurto Dudush has sent an appealed to all citizens to act conscientiously towards the cleaned locations and to work together for a healthy and clean environment with the active participation and more frequent organization of such environmental actions.

The goal of these actions is to raise the environmental awareness among citizens and to strengthen the responsibility for a clean environment. The motivation to organise this environmental action is the high polluted air that most affects children and their health.