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The project for Inter-ethnic Intergation in education is successfully completed in the Municipality of Suto Orizari

The Municipality of Suto Orizari as a supporter to both elementary schools ,, Brakja Ramiz-Hamid” and ,, 26th of July” in the beginning of May 2019 started the implementation of the Project for Interethnic Integration in Education named ,, The nature is One for All of Us” , supported by the Program for Promotion of Multiculturalism and Interethnic Integration and Tolerance at the Ministry of Education and Science (IIEP, PIOM).

The Project for interethnic integration in education was intended to implement joint student activities in elementary schools that contribute to development and promotion of multiculturalism, interethnic integration and tolerance.

In the implementation of the whole project, were included 36 teachers in total from the two elementary schools, 18 teachers from the elementary school ,, Braka Ramiz-Hamid” from the Macedonian curriculum and 18 teachers from the elementary school ,,26 July” from the Albanian curriculum.
The workshops were held in three languages, in Macedonian, Albanian and Romani language, with aim of learning new words among the students.

The project consisted of 36 multiethnic workshops in total, at the school level were held 18 multiethnic workshops ( in the elementary school ,, Braka Ramiz-Hamid”) and 18 multiethnic workshops at primary school “26 July”, with a 1,800 pupils in total in a mixed composition of Roma and Albanian ethnicity from the first to the ninth grade. Meanwhile, parents from different ethnic backgrounds were involved in helping students during the workshops.

From the first to the third grade, 12 multiethnic workshops in total of were organized on the topic ,,Clean hands – healthy childhood”. These workshops helped the students to understand the importance and the meaning of hygiene maintenance, to gain healthy hygiene habits, to share their experiences and to compare them with the hygienic habits of the different ethnicities, to learn to apply  positive experiences in order to raise awareness about  maintaining personal hygiene and hygiene in the environment.

From the fourth to sixth grades, 2 multi-ethnic workshops were organized on the topic “Proper waste selection”. These workshops have contributed students to gain knowledge about the importance of waste selection, learning about union, friendship, learning words and greetings in different languages, getting acquainted, achieving interaction with parents, exchanging ideas, solving common problems and overcoming prejudices. As a final result of the project, students made waste – baskets of plastic bottles for the selection that will be used in schools.

From the seventh to the ninth grade, 12 multi-ethnic workshops in total of were organized on the topic                          ,,Horticulture”. These workshops has contributed to raise awareness among students, to learn what does  horticultural arrangement means, how to maintain greenery in the school yards and the surrounding area and to take care of it, to maintain ultraclean hygiene through joint action with the goal of ,,together”, to socialize outside and to have fun.
As a final result of the workshops, students from both schools made planting seedlings in the school yards of both schools.

The Municipality of Suto Orizari together with both schools ,,Braka Ramiz-Hamid “and ,,26th July ” in the future will strive to implement more projects for interethnic integration because these kind of projects have positive effects in overcoming prejudices and stereotypes among children from different ethnic backgrounds , over this project the children met and they have learned how to socialize, to cooperate and help one another,  they learned new words in the language of there friends, also realized that the hygiene is their personal responsibility and they directed and encouraged to practice positive hygiene habits, common and equal for all children, regardless of which group they belong.

Also, through this project was achieved bigger cooperation and complementarity among the teachers, as well as involvement of parents, their acquaintance and personal engagement within the framework of achieving common goals.