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Interethnic Integration Project : Workshop for preparation of “Posters for further care”

Within the framework of the Project for Interethnic Integration, the nine grades from both elementary schools in Suto Orizari, held two workshops in schools ,, Braka Ramiz and Hamid” and ,, 26th July”.

The objectives of the workshop were mutual acquaintance among the students, gaining knowledge about the concept of horticulture and getting knowledge about the importance of maintaining a personal hygiene, developing an ecological awareness and developing understanding related to healthy and clean environment, establishing interpersonal communication with members of different ethnicities, decreasing prejudices and respecting diversity.

Through this project and through It’s implemented activities is expected that the students will be introduced to all the undertaken activities at the previous workshops, making posters on which the activities will be presented, sharing of experiences and knowledge in the process of poster making, cooperation and developing mutual respect.