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Training on crime prevention in cooperation with OSCE and Sector for Interior Affairs Skopje

Today, representatives from the Municipality of Shuto Orizari participate in training for crime prevention by engaging police and local self-government, organized by the Мission of OSCE and Sector for InA Skopje.

Several NGOs take part in the training, including NGO IDIC and NGO Association of Roma Lawyers.

Training participants and organizers are working to find mechanisms for more effective targeting of police work towards society through buinding partnership.

Participans make an active contribution to create a problem-solving model by setting up a triangle for analysis in order to find solutions and to create a safe and secure environment.

The participants will complete the training by developing and presenting a concrete action plan for dealing with deviant and criminogenous phenomena within the local self-government.

The training was conducted by an international expert.

The municipality of Suto Orizari continuously works to secure peace among Roma citizens by bringing the police to the community closer and by restoring the confidence in the institutions.