Milka Trimchevska from elementary school ,, Braka Ramiz-Hamid” – Suto Orizari is THE BEST TEACHER AMONG THE COUNTRIES IN THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA

From 30 May – to 2 June, 2019 in Budva, Montenegro, was held a conference ,,Тhe World of Education Clears the Borders”, organized by the Association ,, Best Teacher-Ex Yugoslavia”.

At the conference, Мs. Milka Trimcevska, MA, professor of Macedonian language, expert associate-librarian at primary school ,,Braka Ramiz-Hamid” – based in Suto Orizari, Skopje has won the title of best teacher in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

The title was received after reviewing an application that value labor, engagements and high success in professional achievements as well as contribution on affirming the teaching profession as one of the most noble .

At the conference, besides the title, she received a certificate for active participation in the conference and a special acknowledgment for her contribution to affirmation of the teaching profession through a series of activities, including a poster presentation of the “Campaign for reducing the irregular attendance of students” realized by a team that she coordinates.

Otherwise, Ms. Milka Trimcevska, last year, was proclaimed for Educational Worker of the Year in the City of Skopje for the academic year 2017/18 by the Association of Educational Workers.

She received the plaque and the recognition for the achieved high results in implementing goals and tasks in the educational area through the current years over teaching and extracurricular activities.