Youth from Europe and the region visits the Municipality of Suto Orizari in framework of youth exchange

Roma Youth Center from Kumanovo in the framework of youth exchange with representatives from Europe and the region,  was welcomed  by the Mayor Mr. Kurto Dudush, by the President of the Municipal Council Ms. Fatima Osmanovska and by part of the employed administration in the Municipality of Suto Orizari.

The Mayor Mr. Kurto Dudush has presented the work of the Municipality, the current and the future projects, as well as the strategic goals of the local self-government.

The President of the Municipal Council Ms. Fatima Osmanovska, emphasized the importance of the Council in the process of making effective decisions and programs in the function of Roma.

The Head of the Department for Local Economic Development Mr. Srdjan Amet spoke about the competences, the goal, the concept and the mechanisms through which this sector seeks to reduce the level of unemployment and improve the quality of life.

Educational adviser Ms. Ramiza Sakip emphasized the importance of education, and the current school projects that strengthen the personal development and interaction between elementary students. Also, she presented the number of schools on the territory of the Municipality of Suto Orizari and the number of students.

The Roma Youth Center from Kumanovo had the opportunity to get familiar with the structure of the local self-government, the values ​​and the policies for which it is committed.