Project for building children’s park – Type 2

About 6 km from the center of Skopje, in the municipality of Shuto Orizari, due to lack of playgrounds, it is planned to equip two children’s playgrounds in two different locations. The first children’s playground is in the immediate vicinity of the Administration of the Municipality of Shuto Orizari, while the other playground is in the immediate vicinity of the penitentiary institution (prison).

The building area is located in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the municipal building. The location is with an approximate area of ​​1,500 m2, with a location at the corner of Str. Vietnamese (Hadji Jovan Shishkov) and st. Zletovska. The location is fenced with a non-transparent walled fence of red blocks. Lighting is set around the fence and is not foreseen at this stage. From the main gate is accessed on an old asphalt playground and along the earth’s paths (grass, sand and country) access to a landscaped park and playground. There is one entrance with a path to the playground and it is retained. Within the playground, there is a parking space with four parking spaces, one of which is provided for people with disabilities. The remaining surfaces are intended for sandy background with different granulation.

There are three zones for playing in the park, one of which is provided with swings, swings, slides and one multipurpose toy with two towers.

The second part is intended for sports and recreation of an older group of users, where are installed requisites for workouts-beams, two-sided wound and semicircular ladder.

In the third zone there is a rock climb.

The three zones are divided by pathways. In the middle of the playground, a drinking bottle is provided. Benches and bins are located within the playground.

Follow the pictures in the attachment: